The Linux-based Ubuntu Installer allows users of any modern Linux distribution to install Ubuntu without needing to use a CD or repartition the hard drive. Once installed, the user will be able to boot between their original Linux distribution and Ubuntu, and can either upgrade the Lubi install using LVPM, or easily remove the Ubuntu install.


The Loopmounted Virtual Partition Manager allows users to upgrade their existing Wubi or Lubi installation to a full Ubuntu system by transferring all data, settings, and applications from the original install to a dedicated partition. The advantages of upgrading using LVPM are better disk performance and reliability, and the ability to replace the original operating system with Ubuntu.


The Universal Netboot Installer can create Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, without a CD. It can also perform "frugal" installs, through which full installations to standard partitions can be performed. UNetbootin can run from either Windows or Linux.


Bubakup, the Bootable Ubuntu Backup,allows you to create a bootable backup image of your running system. It supports creating uncompressed, bootable loopmounted disk images of the whole or parts of the system, deleting backup disk images, archiving backup disk images, restoring archived backup disk images, and restoring the backup to an actual partition using LVPM.


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